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The Way Youth Center

At the moment we are working on 4 projects in The Youth Center Popoyo.

- Kindergarten

- English Computer School

- Soup Kitchen

- Skate Park

Do you want to be part of it and help us?

Youth Group

We spend most of our time focusing on our kids and teens. Every Wednesday and Sunday we have between 100 to 130 kids in our Church, and the truth is, we are only just getting started. We have made a deliberate decision to trust the Lord far beyond what we  thought was possible, so we built a 7,500 square foot Kid's and Youth Center on faith. This is going to be where these future evangelists and prophets, pastors, teachers and apostles are going to be trained as the sons and daughters of GOD that our Lord  Jesus Christ paid such a high price for.

Religion has limited the local community in so many ways and requires that most of the adults unlearn non-biblical orthodoxies. These kids have fresh minds, and we teach them the gospel of freedom in Jesus.

We invite you to review our mission video below, and to also check out our projects page. We pray that God speaks to your heart about getting involved in our vision

and missions.


We have always 90 to 120 kids and youth between 1 year and 20 years in our Wednesday and Sunday meetings.

To teach these large groups in different ages is a challenge. We like to start always with an Icebreaker before the teaching and creative lessons.

Wednesday 5:30 - 7:30pm

Sunday 9:30 - 11:30am

Worship School

There is no preaching in Heaven, but Worship.

Kids love music. They love to sing. Teaching them music and at the same time how to worship our God and get in HIS presence, it's another effective way to help to grow them in the knowledge.


In our dance classes we choose a song and create a choreography to explain our feelings. These activities are so far the most effective way for the teenagers to work together, handle emotions, respect each other and accomplish something beautiful to be proud of. 

We are not professional dancers, but the heart counts. It is amazing to see what they can create without having a professional teacher.


Our Theater Group is already active since 3 years. When we have a Show, 300 to 500 people show up to watch it. That is pretty amazing. 

We are honored to see this kids growing, not just physical and spiritual, also in confidence and creativity.


We feed every Sunday and Wednesday 100 kids. Our desire is to do this every day, when the Skate Park, School and Kindergarden is open. Right now we build a kitchen at The Way Youth Center Popoyo. 

Food Program

We are blessed to live in a country with some of the best waves in the world and this all year long.

Of course we are trying to teach to surf and share waves with the youth.

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