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We are so blessed! GOD continues to connect us always with the right people so we can do what HE has already put in our hearts to do.

In 2019 The Lord put on our heart to build this Youth Center to create a secure and creative atmosphere for the youth of our area.

Since then we are building non stop. The vision is complex, so beautiful what HE wants to do for these kids.

Please check out this little presentation of The Way Youth Center becoming a Reality!


What started out as a vision to grow plants turned into something WAY bigger than us. Even as much as has been acomplished, honestly we feel God still has WAY bigger plans still to come. Hallelujah!! We want to thank all of you who have come along side of us in this Vision.


G5 missions, J1:9 Missions, Pastor Fred and Free Christian Church in Suhl in Germany, Bright Side Painting Jax, The Eason Family, The Ayrton Family, Todo con Amor, Norma and Hans Hasler from Liechtenstein, The Belice Family, Riggs Ministries, Momentum Church Jax, and everyone else who has labored and prayed for us. Please don't stop. This is bigger than all of us.. To HIM be the Glory!!!


Education is important. We want to open this school to teach English and IT (Computer and Information Technology). We believe in the near future this is essential for Nicaraguan kids.

On the 2nd floor in The Youth Center we have a space with 2,500 ft2.

What we need now are walls, windows, doors, an office for a teacher, furniture and Laptops.

The Way School

Our Skate park is not only going to bring youth from all over Nicaragua to The Way Youth Center Popoyo, but will be a daily exercise and achievment for our local communities to experience the Love of Christ thru sport and Fun.


Lots of Fun.

This is a Photo from a Pump Track in Switzerland, this is our inspiration. Yes we dream big but Our God is even bigger than our dreams...Hallelujah!!!


We have been trying to hold thing together for the last three years having over 100 youth from 2 years old to 20 all under the same roof. We have decided by faith to Trust God yet again to do abundantly more than we can ask think or imagine.


We are breaking ground in February to build a 2400 ft2 kindergarden with three seperate rooms and play area for our 10 and unders. This is right next to our adult church so the moms dont have be so far away. Our Youth Center is 200mts away from Adult church. Praise Jesus for Everything....

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