Then they inquired, “What must we do to perform the works of God?” Jesus replied, “The work of God is this: to believe in the One He has sent.

— John 6:28/29 —

Realized Projects

We are so blessed! GOD continues to connect us always with the right people so we can do what HE has already put in our hearts to do.

Have a look at a few of the projects we are working on now. We appreciate help in every way.

A Plastic Bottle House for Marveliz

We met Marveliz after the flood 2017. Pregnant and without the father of her 3 kids, No home and basicly nothing anymore. She asked for a new home. We did'nt have money but GOD had already shown us in our hearts that we would be building homes out of plastic bottles.

We told her to collect 2500 Plastic Bottles and fill them with river sand and we promised we will find a way to build her a home. Actually we told this also to other families who asked for a home but Marveliz was the only one who really did. After a few months she was on our gate and told us she has the bottles. OKAY!

We had a few things fall thru, but GOD put us together with this awesome guy Khalil and his organisation from Switzerland BUY FOOD WITH PLASTIC. First to get the plastic bottles from their events and later they gave us the whole donation to build this house. Thank you guys, you are so amazing. To believe in a plastic free future really impressed us.

Watch below at how awesome this house turned out, and very soon it will be ready and Marveliz, Jovania, Ethan, Estefanie and James Joseph will move in and start a totally modern new life. Oh, and yes the whole family have given their lives to Jesus and are now walking by faith... Praise GOD!


This is a Christ centered project to educate and create work for local women.


Nicaragua got effected hard with unemployment in the last year from 4,4% to 24%. This project gives hope and courage to local women. Being creative and productive is a blessing to their self-esteem and this benefits the whole family. To earn money to support the family makes them proud.

If you want to support this project please like our Facebook Page The Way Crafts - Macramé and contact us how you can buy the products.




We are a bilingual non-denominational Church in Virgen Morena, Tola, Nicaragua. Nicaraguans, Expats and Travelers worship together here.


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We are located at the first left 100 meters east of the Movistar cell tower in Virgen Morena, Tola.

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